ReVanced MicroG

ReVanced MicroG lets you log in with your Google Account details on YouTube ReVanced, and others.

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ReVanced MicroG is an Android application which caters to users who want to use and log in to YouTube ReVanced, YT Music, and others. It is a fork of the MicroG’s GmsCore project.

MicroG is a free software clone of Google’s proprietary core libraries and applications. It is an open-source project which helps users bypass a few activities that are being sent to Google.

App Info

NameReVanced MicroG
Latest Versionv0.
Size37 MB
Updated onApril 05, 2024


Multiple Accounts

You can log in with multiple accounts and manage them. GmsCore is very similar to normal Google Play Services.

App Support

Support a wide range of ReVanced apps which require Google Authentication.

No Root

Basically, Non-root users are required to install ReVanced MicroG to run apps smoothly.


The app lets you receive notifications when YouTubers upload videos, recommendations, and more.


Privacy-caring users can reduce the data being sent to Google. So, obviously, it is better than the normal login method.


All forks of MicroG for ReVanced apps are open sources. Users can look into the source code by going through respective forks on GitHub.

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We recommend installing ReVanced GMSCore, as the ReVanced Team solved the playback issues in the new MicroG version. All revanced apps are well optimized to work with the below apps.

For Huawei & Xiaomi devicesDOWNLOAD
For all other devicesDOWNLOAD

*All download links are from official GitHub sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReVanced MicroG?

ReVanced MicroG is a fork of MicroG’s GmsCore implementation to work for ReVanced YouTube and other apps.

What is ReVanced GmsCore?

ReVanced GmsCore is another name for ReVanced MicroG.

What is Vanced MicroG?

Vanced MicroG is a fork of MicroG’s GmsCore implementation to work for Vanced YouTube and other apps. It comes with some tweaks and is maintained by the Vanced Team.

What is mMicroG?

mMicroG is a fork of MicroG’s GmsCore implementation to work for ReVanced Extended apps. It is being maintained by inotia00.

What is MicroG?

MicroG project is an open-source project which aims to replace Google Services.

Is MicroG safe?

Yes, the main purpose of the MicroG project is to deliver privacy.

Is ReVanced MicroG safe?

Yes, since it is a fork of MicroG’s GmsCore.

Can I use ReVanced without MicroG?

No, you cannot. You must install Vanced/ReVanced MicroG before installing YouTube/Music ReVanced.

Do rooted Android devices require ReVanced MicroG?

No need. Because ReVanced apps use Google Play services to the fullest.

Does Google ban accounts for using MicroG?

Til now, not a single piece of evidence exists on account bans by Google for using ReVanced or MicroG.

Does the site post legit links?

Yes, only adds the official GitHub Repository release direct links.

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